“HEAR All About It” How To Connect To Everything You Want To HEAR

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wip_wdel_catherine_marinio_jas14By Catherine M. Marino, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

These are not your mother’s hearing aids! Gone are the large clumsy prosthetic looking hearing aids. Today’s wearable hearing technology choices are not only sleek and fashionable, they communicate with most of our frequently used electronic devices that are now part of daily life. Whatever you want to listen to can be delivered directly into your ears through your new hearing technology. The best news is that most wearers describe the sound produced by today’s digital hearing devices as being quite natural.

Hear all that you want wherever you want: What if I told you that you could have the audio from your smart phone, land line, TV, iPod, computer or any other kind of electronic device transmitted directly into your ears with just the right amount of amplification for your hearing? Today’s hearing devices have wireless capability to transmit the sound of interest directly into your ears. Some hearing devices require accessories to do this while others do not.

Wireless capability expands your hearing opportunities to just about anything you want to listen to, whether this be other electronic devices or the particular voice you want to hear. Having difficulty hearing your special person at a noisy party or restaurant? There are wireless microphones that look like either a pen or small clip-on device for the speaker’s clothing. They pick up and transmit the voice you want to hear from the crowd of voices. These microphones will also transmit a speaker’s voice over moderate distances to help in lecture situations.

There are also some manufacturers who have made their latest hearing devices equipped for direct communication with the iPhone 5 and other new Apple devices. By just downloading the free app your Apple device can now serve as your wireless remote control and wireless microphone for effortless listening in noisy situations. In this case, just hand the person you want to hear better your iPhone and have them talk into that mic.  The iPhone will stream their voice directly into your hearing devices and sound as if they are speaking just inches from your ear. In addition, you can stream any audio signal, including phone calls, from your iPhone directly through your hearing devices into your ears with the prescribed amount of amplification needed for your hearing.

New cosmetic appeal: Hearing devices have never been less visible or more comfortable to wear. Make a fashion statement or make them disappear, as you wish. The cases are smaller than ever and come in many different colors to blend with your hair or skin color. Or if you wish to proudly display your hearing technology, the cases also come in many fashion colors. Why hide your savvy choice to hear all that you want to hear?

Natural Sound: The hearing aid manufacturing industry has also been very busy developing digital hearing devices that now sound more natural and the way you remember hearing. The much-improved sound quality is the result of truer reproduction of the original sound source delivered in real time.

The Riddle Difference! The audiologists at Riddle Hospital are trained professionals who are dedicated to offering each person who comes through our door, compassionate and individualized care. We use best practices and the best and latest in hearing technology.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation or treatment, contact the Audiology Department at Riddle Hospital.

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Catherine M. Marino, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

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