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wip_Dr_Cann_jas14By Dr. Kiijuana Cann

Older Americans get their eyes checked, un-dergo an annual physical, and even get their vehicle regularly inspected. According to 

Dr. Kiijuana Cann, (Co-Owner/Audiologist) at Hearing Services of Delaware, most older Americans do not have their hearing health examined annually, and in a lot of cases, many people that she meets with have not had their hearing tested in years.

“Many people think they can put off taking care of a hearing problem,” she said. “But what we’re learning now is that hearing loss can have a much more significant impact on health than we ever realized, including increasing the risk of dementia and depression.”

Just like with any medical condition, identifying a hearing issue early can help. That’s why Hearing Services of Delaware recommends that people begin to regularly get their hearing tested starting around age 55.

“People think they can live with hearing loss,” Cann said. “But we don’t decide we can live with vision loss, so why do we think we can live without being able to hear?”

A recent study by researchers from Johns Hopkins found that people experiencing hearing loss had a much higher risk for developing dementia. They believed that wearing a hearing device could keep dementia at bay. People with hearing loss begin to isolate from the rest of the world because they can’t understand people. The isolation and being unable to do things they’ve always enjoyed often ends up causing depression.

Because Hearing Services of Delaware is privately owned, the audiologists have the ability to work with all of the hearing aid manufacturers. This provides the audiologists with the ability to find the best and most affordable solution for each person’s unique needs. “The hearing aids that people remember their dad or grandfather wearing are no more,” said Dr. Kiijuana Cann. “Today’s devices are smaller, sleeker, and offer the most natural hearing and ease of use in today’s everyday environments. There have been continuous improvements in the ability to hear in all sorts of situations – like in crowded rooms with lots of background noise, quieter one-on-one situations and even in windy conditions.”

As an independent hearing healthcare practice, the bottom line for Hearing Services of Delaware is making sure people improve the quality of their life through better hearing.

Dr. Cann is proud that many patients come from word-of-mouth referrals from physicians, friends, and family members. “Our patients appreciate the value of the service we provide,” she said. “Our goal is to help people hear better – and we do that by establishing a long-term relationship, not by just selling hearing aids.”

For more information, call 302-836-9870 or 302-376-3500. Locations in Dover, Glasgow, Middletown.

“I hear much better and more clearly at meetings, movies, and church.” ~  Margaret S., Middletown, DE.

“I can’t say enough good things about the service and care I have received from Hearing Services of Delaware. It is excellent.”  ~  Elizabeth S., Newark, DE.


Kiijuana Cann, Au.D.

Rebecca Holowka, MS, CCC-A

Lisa Marencin, MS, CCC-A, FAAA

Stacy Sanders, Au.D





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